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Tech_Open_Air, Tech Open Air (TOA) 2016

Healing The Unbalanced Digital Media Ecosystem 

The world of digital media today has two polarizing trends.

  • The increasing number of seamless digital experiences that consumers enjoy
  • The limited number of options a marketer has to follow consumers along these digital experiences

What has been an incredible existence for consumers, has benefitted only a handful of publishers. Why? As the largest publishers accelerate innovation, it comes with differing standards for marketers to integrate. The complexity and expense involved have become barriers for brands to keep up, and has resigned many marketers to solely focus their efforts with the largest publishers, putting the digital media ecosystem in a state of imbalance.

Shahar Erez, SVP, Chief Product Officer at Kenshoo, will discuss this misalignment and what can be done to put the digital media ecosystem back into balance to so the consumer can enjoy one cohesive story.

If you would like to meet with Shahar Erez or Kenshoo’s Managing Director DACH, Thilo Heller at the TOA event please email