San Francisco (July 20, 2010) – KENSHOO, the leading provider of online demand generation solutions for the enterprise and local markets announced today that SapientNitro, one of the world’s largest interactive marketing firms, has selected KENSHOO to be its technology partner for search engine marketing. SapientNitro uses KENSHOO SearchTM, KENSHOO’s online advertising campaign management platform, to boost return on investment of online campaigns for their leading global clients.

SapientNitro’s search marketing practice has expanded dramatically, increasing the reach and power of clients’ advertising as part of the company’s continuing efforts to bring value to their highly visible global client brands, including Hugo Boss and TracFone. Requiring a robust platform that allowed clients to create more complex, strategic campaigns and a technology that could respond to the increasing complexity of online search advertising, they chose KENSHOO. KENSHOO Search provides SapientNitro with the most sophisticated solution in the industry, with functionalities including optimized keyword management, automatic ad updates based on real-time results, synchronization with back office systems, and actionable data to enhance the value of search, social and mobile campaigns. As its search practice expands, SapientNitro plans to bring more high profile clients doing big business online to the KENSHOO Search platform, to complement its proprietary BridgeTrack campaign management tool.

“With KENSHOO, our clients are increasing the paid search share of advertising spend because of the immediate, measurable results. The ability of the KENSHOO platform to adjust on the fly for inventory, promotions and seasonal fluctuations to help capture sales and increase ROI is crucial,” said Kevin McGovern, search director for SapientNitro. “KENSHOO’s deep functionality, sophistication and global footprint will help us deliver results that will positively impact our clients’ businesses. Our clients depend on us to bring value to every dollar they spend, and with KENSHOO we believe we can continue to exceed their expectations.”

„With our continued focus on usability, functionality and quality, and the specialized interactive expertise of SapientNitro, we anticipate a lasting partnership. Their focus on delivering measurable, high quality results to their clients is a perfect complement to our mission of delivering sophisticated, cutting edge technology. Together we can provide their customers with the extra competitive boost they need to maximize the growing online marketing opportunity,” said Yoav Izhar Prato, CEO Kenshoo.