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Unterstützung von Marketern aus dem Einzelhandel mit maßgeschneiderten Lösungenfür Ihre Unternehmensziele

Kenshoo Advanced Search + geplante Aktionen

Kenshoo Portfolio Optimizer

Kenshoo Halogen Technology

“Search is a foundational channel within the marketing mix, and we’re constantly striving for new ways to maximize its performance. Working with Kenshoo, Resolution continues to provide new perspectives on how to best balance paid and organic search. A lot of marketers can benefit from the insights we’ve uncovered here.”

Mark Grote, World Wide Search Advertising Manager

„It is a huge timesaver to be able to login to Kenshoo and view our Criteo retargeting alongside search campaigns. With the successful integration of retargeting, I can now glean valuable insights quickly and make better decisions to improve ROI on the fly.“

Dillon Smith, eMarketing and Social Media Manager

“Kenshoo Portfolio Optimizer is the most sophisticated solution on the market. Beyond the finely-tuned algorithms that helped us exceed our business goals, KPO delivers the automation, flexibility and transparency we need to manage our campaigns most effectively.”

David Hutchinson, Paid Search Manager

„Kenshoo’s digital marketing software has driven record success for our business this holiday season. The RealTime Campaigns feature is outstanding, allowing us to profitably expand our long tail. With the combination of Kenshoo’s innovative solutions and stellar customer service we are well positioned to continue outstanding growth.“

David Gusick, E-Commerce Director

„Kenshoo dynamically looks at each click and conversion across multiple channels and determines their true business impact. As a result, we’ve been able to meet and exceed our return on investment goals.“

Gordon Magee, Internet Marketing and Media Manager

„Kenshoo is on the cutting edge when it comes to search marketing technology. Kenshoo keeps us ahead of the curve and its latest PLA functionality gives us even more confidence that we’re working with the best. Google Shopping will have a big impact for retailers this holiday season and we’re excited by what Kenshoo has to offer.“

Jordan Levy, SEM Manager

„Social Media kann ohne die passende Technologie-Plattform sehr komplex in der Planung, Ausführung und Skalierbarkeit sein. Durch Kenshoo ist das Team der Sears Holding in der Lage, die Ergebnisse der Facebook-Werbung quantitativ und qualitativ zu verbessern und den wahren Wert dieses sozialen Kanals freizulegen. Mithilfe der einzigartigen Workflow-Tools von Kenshoo können wir schnell gezielte Kampagnen erstellen. Die maßgeschneiderten Algorithmen helfen uns außerdem, auf unsere spezifischen Ziele hin zu optimieren.“

Adriana Llames Kogelis, Division VP, Social Media Marketing