Kenshoo Integrates with CitrusAd’s open API to Expand Global Retail Media Offering!

Our first major study on search and social synergy, Added Value: Facebook Advertising Boosts Paid Search Performance, provided tangible evidence that Facebook advertising has a direct, positive effect on paid search performance. The second installment, „Finding the Sweet Spot for Search & Social Investment“, expanded on this hypothesis and revealed that the cross-channel impact increases as the investment ratio of Facebook to paid search spending rises.

To further understand the effects of these two channels on the dynamic relationship between brands and consumers, Kenshoo analyzed recent paid search performance for a leading retailer.

The results demonstrated that not only does cross-channel lift occur at the final point of sale, but throughout the retail shopping experience for new and existing customers, both online and offline.

Download this third study in our Facebook Added Value series to understand how Facebook ads unlock new revenue potential across the entire consumer retail search experience.