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Targeting consumers on a local level brings about unique challenges, whether it be on-boarding hundreds of clients, driving performance for smaller budgets or scaling advertising for hundreds of locations. Kenshoo Local is the scalable business solution for advertisers targetting local consumers.

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Automation - Onboarding hundreds or even thousands of accounts

  • Manage large numbers of accounts or locations easily
    Perfect for Brands with a Local footprint, Agencies with SMB Clients or Automotive Agencies
  • Leverage Kenshoo Local’s Profile API
  • Connect order management systems and CRMs to automatically launch new account
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Scalability - Manage high volume of campaigns and inventory faster

  • Kampagnenstart und Routineaufgaben automatisieren
  • Warnungen für Bid- und Budgetschwellenwerte festlegen
  • Tools für Workflow-Management
  • Lokalisierte Anzeigen erstellen und skalieren

Flexible Optimization - Target and optimize within narrowly defined parameters

  • Zielgruppen innerhalb spezifischer geografischer Standorte bestimmen
  • Cross-Engine- und Cross-Channel-Potenziale identifizieren
  • Use machine learning activation in location or across profiles
Flexible Optimization
Data Integration

Data Integrations - Connect offline and online action for holistic customer view

  • Sichern von Transparenz des Wegs zur Konversion
  • Extend reach beyond search engines with Pinterest, Shopping and Native Networks
  • Offline-Konversationstypen, z.B. Anrufe und Aktionen in einem stationären Laden, optimieren
  • Connect data from your CRM system


As a result of Kenshoo Local, DexYP has seen significant improvements in CPC and CPL for nearly every client!

Phillip Kennewell
Group Manager - Performance Products